Here we go:

  • Knockout’s Battle Royal opens us up!
  • Taryn Terrell, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Rebel, Brittany, and Havok! Winner becomes the new #1 Contender!
  • Havok & Velvet Sky are the last two!
  • Havok is the new #1 Contender!
  • Bobby Roode looks like he’s getting ready for his match!
  • Samuel Shaw and Gunner talking in the back.
  • MVP and Kenny King coming out now.
  • They grab a microphone and start talking about the main event.
  • Chris Melendez coming out now.
  • They talk trash to him and now Kenny King wants to face him in a match!
  • Melendez wins! Kenny King attacks him post-match though!
  • Anderson coming down for the save!!
  • Anderson talking with Chris Melendez in the back.
  • X-Division Championship Match is next! Homicide vs. Samoa Joe!
  • Samoa Joe retains by submission!
  • Storm and The Great Sanada attacking Homicide and Samoa Joe with a rope with a bell on it!
  • A brand new look for Manik as he joins the attack! Storm has promised this revolution and it’s crazy!
  • JB interviewing The Wolves in the back!
  • Bobby Roode & EY talking in the back.
  • The Wolves vs. The Hardys vs. Team 3D in a Ladder Match!! Match 3!
  • The Wolves win! What a Ladder Match!
  • Bram vs. Gunner is next! 
  • Bram wins! Appears Shaw costed Gunner the match again.
  • Gail Kim speaking in the back about Havok!
  • World Heavyweight Championship is now! Bobby Roode vs. Bobby Lashley!
  • Bobby Lashley retains!
  • Great iMPACT see you next week!

Starting iMPACT a bit late!

Thoughts to come!

TNA iMPACT - No Surrender Preview - 9/17/14

IMPACT Preview: Tag Title Series Continues with Ladder Match, Lashley vs Roode for TNA World Title, Samoa Joe Defends X-Title Against Homicide, KO Battle Royal & MUCH MORE!


Preview tonight’s huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on Spike at 9/8c! Tonight’s special IMPACT broadcast is dubbed “NO SURRENDER” featuring a HUGE double main event and is FREE only on Spike. If you can’t watch the action tonight, make sure to set your DVR! 

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as Bobby Roode finally gets his shot at the title and faces Lashley one on one. Will “The Destroyer” continue his dominant reign as champion, or will Roode become a two time TNA World Champion? Find out tonight on Spike!

The TNA Tag Team Title Series goes to the next level at No Surrender, when The Hardys face Team 3D and The Wolves in a LADDER MATCH. With The Hardys and Team 3D each securing one victory apiece, The Wolves are fighting to keep their Tag Titles and must win this Ladder Match to even the series. You do not want to miss this epic Ladder Match, tonight on Spike.

A new #1 Contender will be decided in a Knockouts Battle Royal at No Surrender featuring the in-ring debut of HAVOK. Who will emerge victorious and be the new top challenger to TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim? 

Plus, the TNA X-Division Championship is on the line as a long-time rivalry is renewed when X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defends against Homicide. 

All this and so much more on tonight’s “No Surrender” edition of IMPACT. Don’t miss it at 9/8c only on Spike!

Great show!

See you all next week for No Surrender!

Hardy’s pick match #3 stipulation!

They pick….. a LADDER MATCH!!!

Jeff Hardy gets the win for his team!

Awesome match!

3-Way Tag Team Tables Match!

Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardy’s!

Hvaok and Gail have spilled pit to the ring area!

Gail and Havok battling in the back!!

Also James Storm and Sanada win!